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from parkstar !

Recommend me some music & illustrators. Like that song you can't stop playing on repeat or that illustrator who you've been really impressed with lately or whatever. I don't care if it's something I've probably already heard about. I'm half just curious what you guys like for listening/looking as I am genuinely looking for recommendations.

Awww yeah guys, I know you have some great stuff to throw at me~!  As for mine:

kouta akira    their home blog /
ootaniyoshimi /
hamondo karei     their hp /
maruco /
shimi /

Pixivs mostly listed for ease, though if I frequent the hps of them of them more, I included them~ Assume all are NSFW somewhere lol, especially kouta akira's blog lol.

初音ミク・鏡音レン 創造"
「STEP TO YOU」唄ってみた by DECO*27&mirto"
【色んな曲を】アバチュ 真3 ライドウ P3 P4 魔剣X【全力で混ぜてみた】"
NIN - Happiness In Slavery
Shiina Ringo - Shuukyou
Muse - Glorious
Illaria Graziano - I Can't Be Cool
Tags: art, faye you should be sleeping, haaaaaaay thaaaaaaaar, reccs
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