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it's a shell game。

distorted sounds on oscilloscopes, distorted facts I could never cope。

blue cat
7 August 1991
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baby, you're adorable。 handle me with care.❞

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(okok), 24-hour war duo, adachi's single chest hair, aki aki & aki, aki you're so mean, breathing, captivated-by-your-european-charm, coffeecoffeecoffeecfofefjks, conor fucking oberst!!, crona not cronx, dammit guys, destroying my splendor reputation, fatdachi, fevers, fraulein izaya, heh, herr izaya, homo 'o clock, homoerotic situations, i told ya dawg, it keeps happening, izaya's pathetic life, juuta's lahv lahv lahv, juuta/izaya, mean aki, namie + apron, nice aki, nomnom, not gyus akis thebst, orihara-san, screaming about conor, shaking and crying, shell games, spitting, that stupid plurk face, tsundere girls, uncomfortable pauses, unmanned-by-your-exotic-beauty, witch/izaya, yellow birds, you&me。that's an awful lot,  なんじゃこりゃ!?